A second AC adapter at home and/or at work makes power access convenient and tailored to your needs. Also keep one in your carrying case at all times and never be without an AC adapter when you travel. It enables you to keep your battery fully charged when you really need it most on the road.

The Toshiba Global AC Adapter can be used with select Toshiba notebooks and meets or exceeds the specifications of the AC adapter that shipped with the notebook.

The universal 100/240V power input means you can use the AC Adapter around the world with the appropriate plug adapter for whatever country you are traveling to for business or pleasure.


  • Can be used around the world with the appropriate plug adapter.
  • Works on a wide range of Toshiba laptops
  • Meets or exceeds the specifications of the AC adapter that ships with your laptop
  • Spare adapters at home, work and for travel make power access convenient and tailored to your needs.
  • Backed by a limited one-year warranty with service and support available from Toshiba
  • Velcro strap attached to cord for easy cable management
  • Use as a spare or replacement for your original AC adapter


  • Power: 120V-240V/ 50-60Hz Frequency (Universal) input voltage, 19V -- 4.74A output
  • Dimension & Weight: 5.1" x 2.1" x 1.1"; 1 lb
  • Compliance: RoHS compatible, V Efficiency Rated and Energy Star 2.0 compliant
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Toshiba Satellite A210, A215, C70, C70D, C75, C75D, C840, C840D, C845, C850,C850D, C855, C855D, C870, C870D, C875, C875D, E105, E205, L45t, L50, L50D, L50t, L55, L55D, L55t, L70, L70D, L75, L75D, L300, L300D, L305, L305D, L350, L355, L355D, L450, L455, L455D, L500, L500D, L505, L505D, L510, L515, L515D, L550, L555, L555D, L630, L635, L640, L645, L645D, L650, L655, L655D, L670, L670D, L675, L675D, L730, L735, L735D, L740, L745, L745D, L750, L850, L855, L750D, L755, L755D, L770, L770D, L775, L775D, M200, M205, M300, M305, M305D, M500, M505, M505D, M640, M645, P50, P50t, P55, P55t, P70, P75, P740, P740D, P745, P745D, P840, P845, S40, S40t, S50, S55, S55t, S70, S75, S75D, S75t, S850, S855, S855D, S870, S875, S875D, U400, U405, U405D, U500 and U505 series; Satellite Pro A210, L300, L300D, L350, L450, L500, L510, L550, L630, L640, L670, L740, L770, M300, U400, U500 series portable computers; Toshiba Hi-Speed Port Replicator II (Part#: PA3916U-1PRP)
  • In the box: Toshiba Global AC Adapter, power cord and documentation
  • One-year limited warranty